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Sep 24, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the northern virginia no bureau chief -- the northern virginia wrote -- northern virginia bureau chief with us, and there is a man who joined "the washington post" after being with another organization. and a man that attended virginia commonwealth university is with us. let's begin by hearing the candidates and their opening statements. the order was determined by a coin toss earlier today, so first, let's welcome former governor and the former chairman of the democratic national committee, tim kaine. [applause] and next, we welcomed former governor and former senator george allen. [no audio] -- [applause] we will start, as i mentioned, because of the coin toss with governor kaine. your opening statement. >> thank you, and it is great to be back with the chamber of commerce. it reminds me of a similar event years ago. at that event, we talked about transportation, and at that time, there was no rail or hot lanes being built, and i am pleased to have worked on that with you. we talked mostly at the chamber about economic development, and in my time as governor, we landed marquee companies, inc
Sep 25, 2012 1:00am EDT
at virginia tech, the most significant crime in the history of the state, and i had just landed in japan on a trade mission, and i got on a plane and flew back, and i spent time dealing with the breeding members of that community, and i said we would put in place a panel of people that have no connection to virginia tech, and we will have them turn it upside down so we can minimize the chance that anything like that will ever happen again. we can't prevent it but question minimize that chance. things that might have happened at ni college campus. but it required us to make significant changes to the health law, changes to campus security. there are things that went wrong. we dug into them. we found them and we fixed them to the best of our. -- our ability. >> as you take a minute, is this a broader issue with the obama's response to arab spring? >> in some regards yes. let me first take a moment and commend tim as i have before in his leadership on after -- after the tragedy on april 16th at virginia tech. as we learned from what we wrong and improved the safety of our colleges. tim, i c
Sep 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
. the showers are coming in toward northern virginia, really coming through cumberland now but they're headed toward 522. we've seen them north of cross junction here coming toward 81 in a little while. winchester, south and west a couple of heavier showers there. temperatures very warm this morning. still 80 degrees in annapolis. many areas mid- to upper 70s. 6:00 a.m., here comes monika. she has timesaver traffic. >> there's an accident on the southbound side of gallows road at the beltway blocking the left lane. that's it for any accidents that i have this morning coming in from the north side of town. no problems out of baltimore on 95, columbia, route 32 and 29 and the bw parkway looks great as well as you leave fort meade and heading for greenbelt and cheverly inside the beltway. we'll take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first on 270. southbound side, yup, this is definitely beginning to slow down. it's going to be off and on from frederick to 109 and then solid now all the way down to 121 before that pace improves. it looks good down at the point where the lanes di
Sep 13, 2012 11:00pm PDT
in virginia. let's listen to him. >> as we watch the world today, sometimes it seems that we're at the mercy of events instead of shaping events and a strong america is to shape events and a strong america, by the way, depends on a strong military. this president has done something i find very hard to understand. ever since fdr, we've had the capacity to be engaged in two conflicts at once and he's saying, no, we're going to cut that back to only one conflict. >> joe klein, thank you. because you have a big picture look of this. what is mitt romney talking about that is relevant to aur our ability to deal with the group of militants in a place like benghazi that go against the embassy or going against the embassy and ambassadors of the embassy itself in care iro, be egypt. >> once again, the guy doesn't know what he's talking about or he's 25 years out of date. it was a product of the cold war when we had to have the ability to fight the russians on the plains of europe at the same time. that cost an awful lot of money. but we're facing a very different sort of threat now, a meta more fis th
Sep 4, 2012 2:30am PDT
of places like north carolina, virginia, ohio, pennsylvania, florida, talking to those people for the next few months. >> and entertaining us. >> best of all. >> see you coming up on "morning joe," president obama spent the eve of the convention kickoff, touring hurricane damage in louisiana. got a first-hand look at one of the hardest hit communities west of new orleans. >> one thing you know about folks in louisiana, they are resilient. people in mississippi, they are resilient. they know what tough times are like. but they know that they can bounce back. there is enormous faith here. enormous strength here. you can see it with these families, they were just devastated a few days ago and they're already smiling and laughing and feeling confident about the future and pulling together. when disasters like this happen, we set aside whatever petty disagreements we may have. nobody is a democrat or republican. we're all just americans looking out for one another and i couldn't be prouder of this group right here, that's around me for the great work that they've done. >> mitt romney toured the
Sep 5, 2012 12:00pm EDT
's about extending brands nationwide but in this area, our partners like virginia imports, making sure we get into giant food and harris teeter and people going out there and getting them. again, it's that community that has supported us, that has allowed us to get in about 2,000 stores nationwide. i tell everybody and it says it in the article, if you think that you are not in business as the c.e.o. of your brand, you're fooling yourself. >> you've managed to make that work. like i said at a time when the music business has taken a lot of hits. where do you see marcus johnson headed at this point? you have the wines. you've got the cds, the music. sooner or later you've got to want to sit back for a minute. >> then you have the lounges and the hotels. i don't know what rest is. like i said -- i smiled when i read the post because my dad taught me how to win by being a hustler. it's a testament to having a great father, great step parents, great mother and great friends. great inspirations like you. >> reporter: get out of here. we should note there's going to abnew johnson on the face of
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Sep 29, 2012 1:00pm PDT
that is the other day president obama was campaigning down in virginia. he made that very remark. he was saying i know i have supporters out there in the audience but i wanted to talk to some of the folks who are watching on tv who may not be my supporters. mitt romney in some of his campaign remarks have said the same thing. so the mention are sounding a little more independent or centrist than they did in the past. >> gregg: what is curious and this is borne out by some of the polls, roughly 60% of the likely voters think the president's economic policies -- there it is -- have hurt the economy or made no difference at all. in other words, you have to add the bottom 38 plus 21. take a look at the other numbers. when asked if policies need changing, a stunning 73% said yes. how is it that an incumbent leads when voters are demanding change? >> that is the very big question of this election. mitt romney has tried to run as a change agent, but what the obama campaign has done very well is attack him in critical swing states that both candidates wanted to win. he has done a good job of disqualifyin
Sep 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to northern virginia etc. the could be true even if pennsylvania is overwhelmingly democratic because of the more friendly terrain under the circumstances. >> basically what's happened is when i first started coming into politics in the 80's it's always decided by the monsters of the midway. the midwest and the swing states are preponderant the whitewater demographically and heavily blue-collar. now it's emerged in the last eight years to second pathway available to the democrats and previously heavily read state devotee of the set so the same forces that obama himself and bodies, the well-educated and diverse and the kind of southeast conference north carolina, virginia and florida and southwest conference of nevada, colorado and mexico with arizona and georgia kind of beat behind each case. and in the long run, you know, is striking how obama is holding up in the western state into long run though, places like this where the democrats hold the coalition of minorities and college whites and social liberal seem to be more of the future of the party also, again, this election i think o
Sep 29, 2012 2:15pm EDT
, florida, ohio, and virginia. excuse me, three states. did so many, wisconsin, new hampshire. those are fundamentally favorable electrodynamics. i'm going to walk through the specifics in each of these. to designate president obama won florida by a grand total of 237,000. obama one ohio by a grand total of two ordered 50,000. pennsylvania was kind of a wipeout. carried by president obama by $620,000. wisconsin, smaller state and ohio, smallest it and florida, bigger vote margin. the census was carried by 410,000 votes for president obama. new hampshire win for obama by 68,000. a smaller number, but smaller state. fewer votes to pick up. i will let for obama by 136,000 votes and colorado went for one by 130,000. i told those up because the total up to about 2 million. for mitt romney to win the presidency he has to change about 0 million mines. he has to take 2 million of those voters in change and million of their minds. actually ferlies do. a very small number. do you realize that the campaign will spend approximately $2 billion on each side, more than $2,000 per vote will be spent
Sep 5, 2012 1:00am EDT
in 1979. brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> former virginia governor tim kaine is running for senate this year. in 2008, barack obama 1 virginia. the first time a democratic presidential candidate had done so in 44 years. after tim kane, we would hear from colorado congressman jared polis and former ohio governor ted strickland. >> it is so great to be here tonight. charlotte is doing a great job. i specially want to give thanks to my friends from virginia. [applause] you know, a few years ago, very few imagines virginia would be a battleground state. virginia had last voted for a democrat for president in 1964, but in 2008 we proudly casts our electoral votes for president obama. [cheers and applause] 2008, we elected to outstanding senators, jim webb and mark warner, and if i had anything to do with it we will win again in 2012. [applause] how did virginia go from red to purple? we did it with grass roots excitement and hard work. we showed virginians that democrats get results. [applause] when i was governor, during the worst recession since the great d
Sep 13, 2012 4:00pm PDT
up the level of support to 4% of the gdp and that plays really well in a state like virginia where there is a big military population. i think it goes up against the fact that americans are weary of war at this point. we already experienced a time where we did have two large land wars going on at the same time. he's going up against a different reality in terms of what americans want but has the neo cons that are surrounding him part of the push to war with iraq that americans have since turned against and judged to be a war that was not worth fighting. >> you know, one of the questions is what is going on with romney during the day that this happens. when we had the situation in libya, simultaneously in cairo, and he puts out a statement attacking what he calls the disgraceful behavior of president obama, who is pushing that and saying release the statement, attack, attack, attack. who is doing that? >> i don't know who is doing it but it seems to be his own impulse and it has been consistently in this campaign on matters not only foreign but also domestic. but it really is unseem
Sep 5, 2012 12:30am EDT
, fomenter governor of commonwealth of virginia, also the former chairman of this democratic party and right now he is a candidate for the united states senate. governor kaine it's good to see you. >> great to be with you. thanks. >> woodruff: this convention tonight feels like something you would see in the middle of new york city or another big american city. it doesn't have the feel of a convention. >> first praise to charlotte. i was the chair and chose it as a city because they were so excited to welcome everyone here. they are doing a great job. you have a wonderful feeling in the room. people know that the next nine weeks are real challenging but there's a lot of excitement. >> ifill: it should be said that v.a. v- is front and center on the floor. that's not by accident. >> it's not by accident. we were used to nosebleed seats before but 2008 and 2012 we got good seats. >> ifill: you used yourselves as check mate to describe the role that virginia has in this process. does it help you running for senate? >> i think it helps. i'm a virginians before i'm a politician. we were irrelevan
Sep 13, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. he's leading romney 49% to 44% in florida. and virginia. and those polls were conducted sunday through tuesday before romney's missteps and the embassy attack thing that he goofed. so there are also new numbers for two other swing states in colorado, a keating research on-site poll put the president at 49% and romney at 44% and that's also among likely voters. and then in new hampshire the wmur granite state poll shows president obama leading mitt romney 45% to 44%. all of them, 5% or more lead shown by the president. the numbers do not lie. now, if you add all of those data polling points together, it would mean an electoral college landslide for the president. okay. hit the pause button. that doesn't mean it's a done deal for sure. as we learned over the last 48 hours, a lot can happen over the next 54 days. but polling prognosticators are making it clear that romney is staring at very long odds and a very steep climb. "the new york times"' own election forecaster nate silver breaks it down like this.
Sep 15, 2012 4:00am PDT
on the middle east. nbc's ron mott is with congressman paul ryan and he's joining us from roanoke, virginia, with more. part of a state you're going to be doing a lot of time in, no doubt. ron, good morning. >> hey, there, alex. good saturday morning to you. although this has not been the best week for the romney campaign, and a lot of it stemming from a statement he sent out on tuesday night when these attacks were just known here in the states, critical of the obama administration's handling of that crisis. problem for the campaign is that the extent of the violence there was not fully known at the time, and the statement was actually released by the embassy to try to quell that protest before it turned violent. now mitt romney has been criticized by democrats and the president who came out the next day that he has a tendency to shoot first and aim later. mitt romney has been on the defensive since then. he softened his stance a little bit yesterday in an interview on national television where he said that the statement itself was not appropriate. he said he agrees with the white house th
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Sep 24, 2012 9:00pm PDT
held today, romney would win by four or five points. i believe he would carry florida, ohio, virginia. i believe he would carry nevada. i believe he would carry pennsylvania. >> sean: oh, come on. >> pennsylvania. and competitive in michigan. i saw a group in pennsylvania by a group i've hired in the past, two points behind, and rasmussen has him five points behind, four points. people need to understand that the polling this year is the worst it's ever been, because this is the first election where if i tell you who's going to vote i can tell you how they're going to vote. you tell me that you're black or latino or a college kid or a single mother, i'll tell you how you're going to vote. if you tell me you're over 65, you're a man or married white woman, i'll tell you how you'll vote and i'll be right 2-3 times. therefore it's who's going to vote. polling is say how you're going to vote, but it's very bad at saying who's going to vote. the models these folks are crazy. they assume a democratic edge of six or seven points. i'm assuming a three-point democratic edge, and even that is v
Sep 13, 2012 2:00pm PDT
to expand the military troops to 100,000 and that plays really well in a state like virginia where there's a big military population. but americans are weary of war at this point, we already experienced a time where we did have two large land wars going into at the same time. he's going up against a different reality in terms of what america wants, and he has these neocons that are surrounding him. americans have since turned against and judged to be a war that was not worth fighting. >> one of the questions everybody in this business seems to have in journalism is what's going on with romney in the day that things happened? that moment when something happened, who's doing that torah torah thing in his campaign? >> i don't know who's doing it, but it seems to be his own impulse and it has been consistently in this campaign on matters not only foreign, but also domestic. but it really is unseemably when you have americans embassies under assault for a presidential candidate to start playing politics with it. and as you said before, there are people on his foreign policy advisory staff who
Sep 14, 2012 3:00am PDT
battleground states. the president has a five-point lead over romney in virginia and florida. and in ohio, his lead is up to seven points. >> and of course, john heilmann, these are all states that george w. bush won in 2004. virginia's a little wider than we could have expected. florida, a five-point lead in such a conservative state. this late in the game with few undecided voters is really telling. but the ohio number, again, continues to be -- >> devastating. >> -- the dagger in the romney campaign's heart if they can't -- if they can't pull that out and make that a closer race. seven points in ohio is devastating. the right track/wrong tracks in these states, all much better than they are in the rest of america. in ohio, the right track, 45% of ohio voters think that the country's headed in the right direction. >> look at those three numbers up there. 49, 49, 50, those are all, you know, the obvious point to make. you know, the president -- at 50 in ohio, those numbers are all approaching, you know, the numbers that you need to win those states. >> yep. >> and they're places the president
Sep 3, 2012 5:00am PDT
's in the middle of a swing state tour leading up to the convention. he's barnstorms through iowa, virginia, colorado. over the last week, he travels to ohio today and returns to virginia tomorrow before coming to north carolina. also a new ad out this morning called heavy load airing in six battleground states. the obama campaign attacks romney's tax plan and makes the middle class appeal. we'll hear from democrats all week. >> the middle class is carrying a heavy load in america, but mitt romney doesn't see it. romney hits the middle class harder and hits millionaires with a bigger break. is that the way forward for america? >> even as the president tries to cast this campaign as a choice between two competing igs visions for america, where it comes to the question whether americans are better off than they were four years ago, the obama campaign remains a little on the defensive, or at least they did sunday. take a listen. >> -- we were this close to a great depression because the leadership of this president, we stayed that off, we're in the beginning of recovery. >> are we where we nee
Sep 19, 2012 2:00am PDT
in virginia and just a point in colorado. that's essentially a tie. what's interesting here is that to obama holds leads in almost every category, including national security. obama's numbers jumped in the foreign policy area there. on the economy where he's basically tied with romney's lead, john, but it's important to know the poll was taken just before this romney video surfaced. so we are still waiting for pollipol polling data to see if this is a media story or penetrating among potential voters to decide this election. >> peter, taken before the latest 47% controversy and obama still holds a lead in key states like wisconsin peechlter, great to see you this morning. at the bottom of the hour we'll talk to mario lopez, the president of the hispanic leadership fund about mitt romney trying to get the latino vote. >>> a line of violent storms making its way up the eastern seaboard. high winds and torrential rains made driving extremely dangerous. thunderstorms kicked up the rain in many areas and many also lost power. >> let's go to rob marciano. >> you were tip-toeing through power lines
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Sep 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
survivor justin leg she teet ou complete a half marathon in virginia beach, virginia. he did it. he crossed the finish line two years after receiving a double lung transplant as a last resort in his battle against leukemia. he took on that 13 mile challenge in honor of the 19-year-old donor who saved his life. i want to know more. if you do go to and read all about his journey. >> oo org nierzs hurry to go put the final touches on the national convention. a lot of history being made in these events. here is veteran journalist marvin cowl with a look back at some of the highlights over the years. >>> the skconvention of the democratic party will be in order. >> reporting for duty. >> the activists in each party get together to drum up a great deal of enthusiasm and to go out and try to win an election. >> i accept the nomination of the democratic party. >> in the old days it was very exciting. they would have 2, 3, 410 ballots before they finally agreed on a nominee. >> i ask the american people -- >> the 64 convention was extremely critical because a shorted time before john f.
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Sep 4, 2012 8:00am PDT
an george allen of virginia. if you look reason why some attended or did not, some are in tough battles in their own home states and don't necessarily feels there is the time and don't want association with either party's convention. jon: they always say they want to stay home and campaign or serve their constituents. jenna: on both sides. jon: on both sides. president obama says governor romney has the wrong vision for america but what is his vision for a second term? we'll get a fair and balanced debate on that underway next. >>> facebook fans setting their sights on betty white. what some democrats would like to see from the 90-year-old actress coming up. jon: as democrats get ready to nominate 39 obama for a second term this week some are wondering what his vision is for another four years. would he focus on immigration reform, tax reform, make changes to medicare, medicaid? major garrett, now of the "national journal" daily writes, the easiest way to trip up a democrat in charlotte convention is ask him this question, what is obama's vision for a second term. the placeholder answer
Sep 4, 2012 7:00pm PDT
the party's nomination for a second term on thursday. in virginia president obama wrapped up his four-day trip to swing states before heading to charlotte tomorrow. >> we've come too far to turn back now. if you're willing to vote for me, we'll win norfolk again. we'll win virginia again. we'll win this election. we will finish what we started. >> president obama watching from the white house tonight watching as first lady michelle obama gets ready will address the convention here on the opening night. one of the cheerful moments of this was a video presentation actually ted kennedy of the liberal lion. this crowd certainly react today that. gasia, back to you. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney stayed out of the public eye today. to prepare for upcoming debates with president obama. motorcade briefly got stuck on a rural road behind farm equipment. romney's running meat paul ryan is on the campaign trail comparing the current political choice to the election that found jimmy carter facing ronald reagan. >> remember ronald reagan talking about jimmy carter? are you bette
FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 10:00am PDT
campaign again today. megyn: off to the critical swing state of virginia. new polls show the race tightening their grip president obama leading governor romney by two points. 46% to 44%. that is within the margin of error. here is the policy average of all polls in virginia. the president of about four points. now some politics watchers are suggesting all of this discussion over polling and who is where, is ignoring a much larger story. the rise of the independent voters in this country. this could play into the next week's debate and election just five weeks from now. chris stirewalt is host of power-play on fox the rise of the independents. what do you mean? >> is something we have seen for 20 years, but accelerating in the last decade. republicans keep saying, don't pay attention to these polls. the democrats outnumber the republicans in these polls. that's not how it's going to be, that misses the larger truth. the number of republicans and democrats are both down. independents are up. independent voters continue to go up. people are not as tied to tight a partisan w
Sep 3, 2012 12:00am EDT
in which a virginia or florida votes republican. they are being cultivated in a way that republicans have never bothered with in the past post- civil war era. the old dixiecrat crowd is not the eisenhower crowd. the democratic party gets a great gift in both the election of the catholic who are governor here was one of the few major democrats in the south to endorse in the 1960 election. you elect the catholic, which is a direct repudiation of what much of the white protestant south once. a catholic, despite himself, and i mean it, suddenly finds himself endorsing civil-rights which are anathema to most of the south. with his assassination and the accession of the democrat from texas, a man of great ambition, mr. johnson, the passage of civil rights acts, each one of which, whether housing, voting, public accommodations, says to the south, we just want to put your face in it. i say the white south. nixon comes along. there is much conversation about the southern strategy. by that time you did not need to be very smart to know that the south had had enough. there was george wallace, who ha
Sep 4, 2012 1:00pm EDT
backstage about an experience you had in virginia last week. >> i was traveling around the state, and i have a series of roundtables with women who were undecided. i had a chance to move them from the undecided to the decided column. i think i did a good job. they wanted a conversation on how the president is fighting so hard for women, and we're seeing at the federal level how the president believes in a woman's right to choose and how the first bill he signed was the lilly ledbetter act and how is fighting to combat domestic violence. also, the economy, our president has fought so hard to get our economy moving in the right direction. it was great to talk to people and hear their stories and hear how their stories resonated with what the president is trying to do. >> in addition to your dÉjÀ, you will be out on the trail as well. >> we will be busy text several days. the states and it is -- the stakes in this election are high, and not anonly as a senior adviser to the president, but as a mom and someone looking forward to being a grandmother one day -- not right now, but someday soon --
Sep 19, 2012 7:00am EDT
-- polling. another one from the washington post in virginia. president obama with an eight point lead in virginia. another jim, from clinton, south carolina. thanks for calling. caller: good morning. when you mentioned how those people pay social security taxes, those have been cut for the past four years. the democrats had the ability to cut the taxes on those people, so those people got a big tax cut in social security payments. i am still paying over 7%. but those people don't pay any federal taxes and also had their social security taxes go down almost in half for the last four years. you have to wonder how a 47% of the people who don't pay federal taxes could have a cut in their social security tax for number of years and could keep electing a president who's going to give them everything and someone else is going to pay for it. it will not work if it gets over 50% because then it will be chaos. when you look at the teachers' strike in illinois, that's the example of the democratic society that everybody ends up with the same or close to one another and then all fight one another
Sep 5, 2012 7:00am EDT
virginia. this is 71-year-old david short of alexandrea. police say he's been missing since 9:00 yesterday morning when short was reportedly going to virginia hospital center in arlington. he's believed to be driving a 2006 silver-green honda crv with virginia tags kbk6001. and he may have been in the gainesville area of prince william county looking for a relative. tony. >>> a fallen navy seal from anne arundel county will be laid to rest today. he was among seven americans killed in afghanistan on august 16th. the helicopter crashed during a fire fight with insurgents. monday, his body returned to his hometown of edgewater while fellow county residents stood along the road waiving american flags. the funeral is at the chapel next to arlington memorial cemetery. he will be buried there. flags in maryland are flown at half-staff in his honor. >> a prominent defense lawyer is weighing in on a video showing a prince georges county police officer striking a teenager. he told the supervisors the 19- year-old was aggressively resisting arrest and that his gun went off during their struggle. but
Sep 13, 2012 7:00pm EDT
campaign polling today in three key state, ohio, florida and virginia, all shows president obama has a lead among likely voters. cnbc's own john harwood has the details, good evening, john. >> ever since both party conventions we've been focused on president obama's bounce in national polls. now we have swing say it numbers from the nbc "wall street journal" maris poll and they're good for president obama. he's taken a clear lead in three important battle grounds. first, the state of florida with 29 electoral votes, president obama leads romney 49-44%. ohio with 18 electoral votes, president obama leads by even more, 50-43% for mitt romney. in the state of virginia, president obama leads 49% to 44%, again over mitt romney. now, all three of these are states that were carried by president obama in 2008. mitt romney needs to take at least two of them away. maris pollster concluded this way. he said this election is now about mobilization rather than persuasion because so many voters are locked in and also, you'd rather be in president obama's shoes than mitt romney's at this point in these th
Sep 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
if you're looking at states like virginia and north carolina. there are downscale white voters, critical to the republican coalition in places like west virginia, in places like southern ohio. you go across the appalachian trail and down the ohio river, a lot of these voters could be republicans. i will make a personal note here. a lot of americans of all incomes have struggled the last few years and the risk for governor romney is that it's insulting to them. as a kid, my family was on food stamps for a few years when my dad got sick. we didn't feel entitled and we weren't victims and my father was pretty embarrassed about the whole thing. in the end my mother was grateful she was able to feed her kids. >> alice? >> well, i think john makes a very good point. but it's important to look at that speech he gave at that event in its full context, that he's talking about making sure that they're informed about the contrast between romney and obama, and what governor romney wants to do, he supports the middle class, whereas we heard from the president who supports redistribution of wealth. lo
Sep 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
of counties south of us here in columbus that were counties called the virginia military district. after the revolutionary war, officers in the revolutionary army who didn't get paid were given land in ohio. ohio was part of the west, of course, at that time. they moved out here. they sort of carried with them their culture and their background. they came from the a slave owning state. they didn't bring slaves with them into ohio, but they were sthettic -- sympathetic to the culture. it settled from west virginia, kentucky, tennessee, the states to the south of us, the appalachian states. again, there were southern sympathies there. there was a lot of activity in the civil war pro-confederate activity in ohio. the governor of ohio declared marshall law in ohio to reign in the confederate sympathies and sympathizers here. all of that adds up to a picture after the civil war where if politicians were going to be successful statewide in ohio, they had to appeal to both people with southern sympathies and people with northern sympathies. on the northern side, the grand army of the republic,
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